Create your own working style

Your workstation. Evolve in your own cosmos. K+N BALANCE.OFFICE can be adapted to suit diverse requirements: Sitting, standing, communication, concentration, individual or as flexible as possible. The choice is yours! We’ve developed an integrated solution for dynamic working in the shape of K+N BALANCE.OFFICE.

Enclosed room configurations, open space offices or in areas where workstations can be used on a temporary basis – the unusual design adds a special highlight in any setting. A complete workstation featuring an integral Waldmann light as well as flexible storage options, and that can be screened off in any direction thanks to the freely positionable acoustic screens.

Table top specification

Characteristic organic top shape with integrated adapters, power points and pen trays.

Swing-out storage boxes

Fitted to the leg tube, move up and down when the height is adjusted. Storage compartments can be outfitted individually.

Wireless charging

The top can be fitted with a wireless charging module for your mobile phone etc.

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