Design spaces. With lightness and elegance.

Designate functions to zones and bring the space alive: furnishing the workplace is all about a systematic approach with plenty of intuition. UNIVERSAL.PLUS is based on a room-height construction principle offering a wide range of variants – giving you the scope to design customised diverse storage options for any room – it allows you to configure every unit so that it fits in with the rest of the system. Combine UNIVERSAL.PLUS with our room systems HORIZONTE, THINK.TANK and TWO.2.BLOCK, or with ACTA.PLUS.

Organise the internals of UNIVERSAL.PLUS according to your preference: and the same applies to shelves, suspension files or wardrobe elements. We’ve made a feature of the delicate jointing on the front surfaces, so that it always looks light and elegant. As well as doors, we can supply your furniture with vertical tambours and drawers in a variety of materials and colours.

Wall and ceiling tracks

Harmonious, flush transitions thanks to customised trims.

Sophisticated mechanism

Concealed or visible hinges with opening angle of 110° and 180° for easy access.

Display cabinet doors

Their transparency creates a light, open structure.

Adjustable plinth

The plinth is easy to adjust from inside the carcass.


The handles are both functional and decorative, and come in a variety of styles and colours.

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