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The versatile storage programme offers three items of furniture in one: open shelf unit, closed cupboard with tambour front, hinged door or sliding door, or filing cabinet with pull-out. And: the decorative back panel also makes ACTA.PLUS ideal for use as a room divider!

When it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere suitable for working, ACTA.PLUS has something else to give: the fronts are also designed to be acoustically effective. This makes ACTA.PLUS your perfect partner for minimising noise and allowing discreet conversation – even behind closed doors.

Sophisticated construction principle

Uniform material looks and height grid allow a variety of furnishing configurations – additional screens are available to create a classy look

Shelving unit as room divider

Creates open, homely space structuring in open-plan offices and lounge areas. Flexible, magnetic bookends can be positioned freely in two designs (minimalist and organic).

Intermediate frame

breaks up wall units and creates transparency

Plastic planter top box

Improves the indoor climate and provides privacy.

Acoustic effectiveness

Fronts with acoustic properties absorb sound effectively.

Sophisticated mechanism

Concealed or visible hinges with opening angle of 110° and 180° for easy access.

Vertical drillhole pattern

Shelves can be placed at any height.


The integral height adjustment ensures stability; available as a round or rectangular foot

Metal plinth

Available in all frame colours.

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