With K+N SMART.OFFICE WELLNESS, employees can set up their workstation to suit their individual needs. This solution enhances your employer attractiveness.

Help your employees feel happier and perform better.

Does my employer encourage movement at work? Can my workstation adapt to my needs? With K+N SMART.OFFICE WELLNESS, employees can set up their workstation to suit their individual needs. This enhances your employer attractiveness.

More movement at work.

  • Employees are reminded to stand up and are given ergonomic tips.
  • Employees are motivated to keep moving thanks to the definition of ergonomic goals.
  • Personal settings are “portable” – they can be taken to a different desk.
  • Analysis of sitting and standing time
  • Can be used anonymously

Download K+N SMART.OFFICE Desktop-App

Sie nutzen K+N SMART.OFFICE Wellness? Dann laden Sie sich hier die Windows oder Mac Version der Desktop App herunter und installieren Sie diese auf Ihrem Rechner.

Personal benefits for your employees – more movement in the workplace

We know that sitting at your desk constantly to work is no good for your back. It shortens the muscles along the back of your leg, and your lower back attempts to compensate, which puts too much strain on the lumbar vertebra in the long term. Our performance capacity also plummets if we stay in the same position all the time. With K+N SMART.OFFICE you’re giving your team a tool that will help individual employees to incorporate more activity into their daily work routine. Our solution gives every user the opportunity to control and track their own personal activity at work. This ensures that desk work and movement are not polar opposites, and that you promote the health of your employees by facilitating more movement during the working day.

Healthy working environments result in increased productivity from the workforce

Use digital tools to win the war for talents

Companies are facing new challenges today. Changes in society call for rethinking of many things. Digitisation, stiffer competition and the War for Talents are just a few examples of areas in which the change can be felt. How can digital solutions help to make the difference here?
K+N SMART.OFFICE helps companies to create a positive work environment. Employers are particularly likely to impress their skilled workers now and in the future with the “soft factors”. You can set new standards with this innovative tool – and actively encourage agile and interdisciplinary cooperation. More transparency throughout the organisation and a self-driven approach to working are indicative of an open corporate culture. Make it easy for your teams to organise project areas in the office, find colleagues or meeting rooms, and book technology for the next presentation – all of this is really straightforward with K+N SMART.OFFICE.

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