A new dimension in seated comfort

In addition to the special design, TENSA also sports an unusual mechanism developed especially by König + Neurath: The DTS mechanism reflects the natural movements of the human body, permitting dynamic seated posture. The “twistable” backrest also provides support when the user twists round or leans sideways. To take the strain off your back.

"Twisting" backrest

Supports all movements even when twisting and leaning sideways

Height-adjustable lumbar support

The TENSA lumbar support is adjustable in height and depth, offering support precisely where the user needs it, regardless of height or build.

Height-adjustable headrest

relieves strain on the shoulders and neck muscles (TENSA.TS)

Backrest modelled on the shape of the human back

The form and technology inside the TENSA TS backrest is modelled on the shape of the human back. The coloured fabric insert provides a touch of colour.

Integrated lumbar support

on TENSA TS ensures maximum seated comfort thanks to the adjustable height and curvature

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