A long day at work? That's OKAY.II

For long days when you really have to concentrate: a chair that takes the strain off your back and provides optimum support exactly where it's needed. The ergonomic contour of the backrest is especially pronounced in the lumbar area. Though almost invisible, the asymmetrical lumbar support plays an important part: it can be adjusted independently on each side in height and depth and takes the strain off the intervertebral discs.

VSP® synchro mechanism

Virtual Swing Point for perfect movement when sitting.

Lumbar support

Ergonomic support, integrated almost invisibly, can be adjusted on either side in height and depth.


Height-adjustable to reduce strain on the shoulder and neck muscles.


Can be adjusted in width, height and depth without tools – with swivelling top.


The seat height, weight setting, seat depth and seat tilt can all be customised by means of buttons and a Bowden cable.

Operating instructions

Attached to the seat and always to hand.


Available with flat spokes or alternatively with high tapered spokes in aluminium or plastic.

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