Flexible furniture for more flexibility in meetings.

Physical movement and mental flexibility are directly connected. That’s why we developed the award-winning MOVE.ME concept for more productive meetings and seminars. The MOVE.ME chair encourages dynamic sitting. The seat shell is connected to the base via pivot points that transfer the user’s movements to the chair base. This effect strengthens the back and improves concentration. The chair is flexible in other ways, too – it can be stacked and linked, and is available in a variety of styles.

MOVE.ME - it's all in the name: everything is mobile and easy to move, from the chair to the desk to the screen. The range also includes coordinated desks, lecterns and screens.


With both the seat and backrest cushioned, dynamic sitting becomes an even more pleasant experience – and gives the chair a whole new look.

Canteen chair

Can be simply hung onto the table while the floor is cleaned.

Fold-out tablet

Perfect for lecture theatres and seminar rooms - can be fitted on the left or right.


The chairs are very easy to stack and take to the new location with the transport trolley.


Can be linked together in rows quickly and easily – and putting them away is just as simple.

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