Healthy sitting? It’s possible!

We can often tell from the way we feel: focused, static working is not really the best thing for our bodies. So König + Neurath has collaborated with specialists from all areas of the furniture industry to develop a future-oriented, sustainable workplace. For example LAMIGA – a highly flexible office chair created by ITO®DESIGN.

LAMIGA boasts a flexible backrest that follows every movement, as well as a really comfortable sitting experience – even for a user weight up to 150 kg. Special feature: The LAMIGA chair has what we call the ERGO-DISC, with which it can be adjusted to suit any user.


Opening angle of 24°, which can be set at 0°, 8° or 16°.

The seat has a flexible front edge

It lowers to encourage circulation in the legs.

Lumbar support

Adjustable in height and depth – for extra support in the lumbar region.


4D multi-functional armrest with various adjustment features and the option of locking the armrest pad in position.


Various types available.


The backrest flexibility can be adjusted individually for the comfort of each user.

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