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Already at the beginning of the year, our designers worked out design concepts in which they picked up on the coming colour trends. We asked them for their assessment of how big a role Very Peri will play - and insights into how purple can be integrated into different design approaches and working worlds at König + Neurath.

Our interior designer Carina Hölzer is convinced that the tone, which lies between blue and red, actually has the gift of uniting seemingly opposites: "For me, the colour brings very different talents. I have spontaneously seen it in elements such as room dividers that stimulate creativity through their colouring, or in lounge zones that invite people to linger and brainstorm. Looking at the transformation of office environments, this shade between blue and red embodies well the hybrid that we encounter in working models: analogue and digital work merge, fixed workplaces give way to multifunctional zones."


Very Peri in the working world TIMELESS

"In our working world TIMELESS, Very Peri brings balance to the composition with green tones and radiant golden yellow. For me, it complements the lively and calm aspects of green, especially in spring, but it has a fresh and invigorating effect all year round. In the coworking lobby we have planned, this aspect is enhanced by the lush green foliage of the wall design and the occasional splashes of green in the furniture," explains Carolina Meseguer Girbés.

"With the bright shade of ochre, the delicate purple takes on an almost stately appearance," Carina Hölzer points out. "Everyone who likes it opulent and lively will feel at home in this ambience. This makes this lounge area an inviting meeting place for people seeking interdisciplinary exchange. A dynamic can be created here that makes collaborative experiences and results possible."

Furnishing idea in the working environment TIMELESS


Very Peri in the working world PURE

"Very Peri is an inspiring colour accent here, juxtaposed against the bright yellow in a delicate and fresh way. It brings a feminine lightness in its pastel touch. In the colour combination of purple and yellow, which are exactly opposite each other on the colour wheel, the effect of both shades increases and unfolds a strong luminosity. With other pastel shades it has a friendly and balanced effect, it also complements sand and natural tones very elegantly," says Carolina Meseguer Girbés.

"Often, violet is attributed something mystical due to its borderline nature. It is associated with transitions, with transformation; the women's movement also used this powerful colour as a symbol for the strength and intuition of the feminine," adds Carina Hölzer. "In the clear design language of the PURE working world, the colour reinforces the functional aspects of this ever-changing and adaptable work situation. For me, a fitting expression of AGILE & HYBRID WORKING."

Furnishing idea in the working environment PURE

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