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Customising – we focus on what you want.

Demands on what a workplace should offer have grown tremendously. At the same time, employees identify with their company more than ever through their working environment.

To plan tailor-made, motivating and practical workplace solutions, customisation is a central element of König + Neurath’s offer. The high level of expertise in processing wood and steel plus the large range of manufacture enable König + Neurath to respond very quickly and flexibly to a customer’s respective wishes, and develop custom-built furniture concepts. Our volume production is available for batches of a single unit onwards.

Room systems

All room-in-room solutions and glass partition systems are customised to suit individual project requirements. Spaces can be enhanced with decorative film or lighting based on customer preferences. The THINK.TANKs are decorated with fabrics and acoustically-effective images to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Storage and finishes

Customised ACTA.PLUS storage elements with acoustic fronts that can be used from both sides were developed for the double workstations. There are also free-standing side partitions to reduce sound levels further. At the same time the storage elements feature a fashionable copper top to add a homely touch to the office environment.

Workstation and storage combined

The workstation range and a desk-side storage module are combined to form a single compact unit. Not only does this allow convenient access to all your most important documents, it also creates a space for focused work and brings structure to the room.

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