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The protection of the environment is a pivotal present-day concern. As a leading German manufacturer of office furniture, we are fully aware that we must set an example. Our commitment to the environment becomes apparent in the many activities that we pursue across all areas of our organisation.

To unburden the ecosystem and leave a healthy living space to future generations are fundamental goals of König + Neurath. Our conduct should align with this as it definitively influences the words, thoughts and actions around us. But most of all, our employees. The responsibility that nature and society command forms an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Sustainability is the highest precept of our entrepreneurial action. Only an enterprise that cares about the future will have a future of its own.

Egon König

We take a systematic approach to achieving our objectives

These environmental objectives can only be met by engaging all our staff and colleagues. The effectiveness of these measures is monitored via internal audits. Analyses and evaluations of key environmental aspects allow for continuous improvement. Suppliers and service providers are included in this process.

  • Energy strategy for indoor lightning of production facilities
  • Reduction of solvement emissions
  • Energy saving
  • Savings in the production of compressed air

Protection of the environment is an integral part of our value system.

Protection of the environment is an integral part of our value system. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance throughout the entire production process. Investment in innovation enables us to use resource-efficient production methods, environmentally friendly materials and forward-looking logistical planning. Zertified Environmental Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001.



At the moment it isn't just the workplace that's undergoing transformation – it's human consciousness as well. More and more customers want to know more about the origins of products they buy. They invest their money in reliable quality and items produced under fair conditions. Manufacturers are also increasingly mindful of resource limitations, using economical production methods with a focus on quality and sustainability for a better future.

BIFMA stands for Business and International Furniture Manufacturers Association. The BIFMA level® certificate is awarded in a standardised, transparent procedure, and provides information about the environmental and social effects of the products. We've had the majority of our products certified in line with this internationally applicable high standard of sustainability for furniture to show that:

  • we respect sustainability through every phase of the value chain – with regard to the environment, energy use and quality.
  • we offer a service promise to which we are committed over the long term.
  • responsibility towards Nature and society is firmly anchored within our corporate philosophy.
  • for us, one aspect of sustainability means putting customer satisfaction first.


The SCS Global Services Indoor Advantage Gold quality standard programme is one of the best-known and most frequently used emission standards in the world. Products bearing this label contribute towards the improvement of indoor air quality, protecting people's health in the short and long term. Receiving this award for a number of our products is the result of consistently using low-emission materials for the production of our office furniture and seating.

Furniture certified according to SCS Indoor Advantage Gold has been tested by independent labs, for example in Germany the well-known eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, to measure levels of harmful emissions. This is one of the world's most stringent standards for chemical emissions. The requirements are based on the American ANSI/BIFMA standards M7.1 and X7.1, as well as the California 01350 test standard for products used indoors (CDPH Standard Method v1.1).

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